Practical Risk Management: Client Investments by Lawyers and Law Firms

Posted March 6, 2016; ©David Jargiello 2016 All Rights Reserved. “Wilson, Sonsini and the Venture Law Group were staggering. Predictably, these portfolios became recruitment and retention devices designed to attract lawyers and keep them from choosing in-house jobs, positions with investment banks, or venture capital firms.” Langevoort (When Lawyers and Law Firms Invest in Their Corporate… Read More

‘Trading Places,’ Dodd-Frank and the Eddie Murphy Rule: Sell 30 April at 142!

This piece was initially posted on Tumblr on August 15, 2013; it is reposted here. ©David Jargiello 2012-2016 All Rights Reserved. A terrific scene from a terrific movie … The ‘Trading Places’ Exchange Floor Scene.  Personally, I never fully ‘got’ the complex, final trading scene in the 1983 Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd classic Trading Places, and in particular I never… Read More